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Ski Helmets

Safe on the road in the snow with the appropriate ski & snowboard helmet

Head is not equal to head, so helmets also does not equal helmet. So how to individually select also ski poles or ski goggles according to body size, head shape, or the own ambitions in the shut-down, you should take care even with the helmet on some features so that it has maximum joy. < br / > the following, there are tips on choosing the right ski helmet and some general characteristics of Ski Helmets.

Properties of helmets for skiing and snowboarding

There’s hard shell helmets, Ski Helmets for in-mold construction and even hybrid designs. But what does that mean everything? < br / > basically the most important function of a helmet is to protect and for that he must take care of once well initially. However, there are also corresponding constructions of Ski Helmets for different areas of use. Helmets are for example most in-mold helmets. Here you have a hard on the outside, which is connected directly with a soft foam core. Hard shell helmets are more common with a rugged exterior and a lining made of mesh or other upholstery. Hybrid helmets are a combination of both and for weight reasons in the professional field before. < br / > a good, sufficient padding is crucial in any ski helmet. Here you should make sure that’s also nowhere presses or restrict, in particular, if you wear like a light hat or Balaclava underneath. Many ski helmets come already with mostly removable padding for the ears, the at the same time warm. < br / > above, there are vents which not too big fail for no snow to enter, but sufficient to the head cooling and keep the goggles fog-free. Depending on the model of the ski helmet has an adjustable belt with padding and sometimes an adjustment on the back of the head anyway below the Chin. There usually scroll wheel used to provide optimal support. If you tried the helmet and ran pulls all settings and adjusts, you should briefly violently shaking their heads and just test, whether the helmet retains its position or side slip. He must only loosely wobble, otherwise is not guaranteed also in the point that the helmet there is where he belongs!

Accessories for the ski helmet

For those who hate to wear a separate protective glasses, there are also helmets with incorporated sight. So one kills two birds with one stone. But absolutely pay attention to the corresponding properties of the glass on the rear sight of the ski or snowboard helmet! < br / > for children and small women’s heads, there are special helmets. You are not only smaller, but often also come with more upholstery, a simpler adjustability and of course attractive prints on the hood! < br / > trying to goggles must also attach to the helmet. So you can see immediately whether something in the way comes and can test whether the band fits the glasses by the ski helmet goggles fixing. So to avoid an unfavorable later surprise…

Bicycle Accessories

With the right bicycle accessory on tour

Whether road bike, mountain bike, touring bicycle or E-bike: as also on mountain – and hiking tours in the biking accessories often plays the decisive role in the success of a company. If the lighting is not sufficient, which jammed pump or rattles the bottle holder the mood is quickly gone. So called remedy it with the matching accessories for the own claims. < br / > here’s the articles available from Thule, VDO, Zefal, CONTEC, Airace and other manufacturers, which should-haves on tour and in the workshop.

Basic Bicycle accessories for home

In the workshop or garage also so some parts of Bicycle accessories include the beloved MTB or road bike, in the preparation and follow-up of tours relevant are. < br / > include first of all the small but fine helper with numerous functions, so-called mini-tools. With this versatile rut, the bike is adjusted correctly by the derailleur up to the saddle clamp. Depending on the claim, you should have at least a well-equipped mini tool at home. A further, compact model for the Saddle bag makes sense. Chain tool or tyre levers are practical details on the mini tool that you have but there separately and in the tool box can. < br / > wheel accessories for home includes means of bike maintenance and level pump. The latter give especially road race tyres properly on pressure and regular control before the tour. Here is a pressure gauge, maximum print performance, as well as the supported types of valve to eighth. < br / > for cleaning after the exit are special, to recommend gentle care for the frame such as brush for pinion, chain and washing solutions against grease and dirt in the drive as well. The right oils and sprays, then provide good chain run and protect from corrosion.

On tour with this: Bicycle accessories for on the go

Of bicycle equipment on tour include special lighting, mini pump, mini tool and bottle holder. < br / > the necessary bike light can be regulated according to the preferred area StVZO-compatible equipment with Dynamo or via plug-in LED lights. Additional reflectors at the sides and back and front make more sense and can for athletic wheels as removable variant chosen are. < br / > supplementing the pump mini pump for glitches is on the move always at home and must be selected as well in terms of pressure and valve type fitting. CO2 pumps are recommended for racing or competition. The correct bottle holder holds the bottle stable and without noise. Choose best plastic to metal bottles and metal for Kunsstoffflaschen, friction to avoid. < br / > ringing are optional and make sense especially when touring bicycles. The same applies for mudguards. Bike locks should be chosen primarily on security aspects. Folding lock and chain lock are more robust, Kabelschlösserd of araiment more flexible and easier. < br / > bicycle navigation is classic via maps or GPS devices. Here supported and available maps and operation, as well as special functions to observe. Also at bike computers (speedometer), the required functions set the tone. Bicycle supporters you should note the size, comfort and the security features within the meaning of the next generation.

Long Sleeves T-shirts

Tshirts for all occasions

No matter whether as a Catcher in the climbing Hall, at the barbecue at the camp fire or worn as functional underwear (polyester or wool): Longsleeves belong in every wardrobe and can be used indoors and out universally. You can find out what differences there are in the long-sleeved shirts, heir.

Choice of the appropriate Longlseeves

, There are a number of different material compositions for tshirts, which go hand in hand with the purpose of the shirts. A few raw materials such as wool, spandex and polyester are combined so that it is a Longsleeve that corresponds to exactly the desired purpose. Another important aspect is of course the right brand. Whether mammoth, The North face or mountain equipment’s individual favourite brand, it finds itself always guaranteed fitting Longsleeve. < br / > therefore is worth a look at the materials used in the long sleeve. Who comes to have a suitable for everyday use and comfortable shirt which is suitable especially for lifestyle activities such as (indoor) climbing, bouldering and slacklining, selects the best cotton. For pleasant wearing comfort, here has a long material life of the tshirts. < br / > often enters the sweating, should consist of polyester at least a share of the shirts. This increases the moisture from the skin away and increases comfort. Tshirts, which consist mostly of polyester, own is best for fast, sweat-inducing activities and those at high temperatures. The drying times are very low. < br / > if a Longsleeve (partly) consists of wool (E.g. Merino icebreaker), it offers some advantages which are given this natural function fiber: high insulation value with low weight, hardly any odour and warming function in a wet condition. Tshirts are activities, multi-day tours and activities in colder conditions Merino Wool so ideal for stop-and-go. Tshirts for women as they come due to the soft wear feeling in question. < br / > spandex in the fabric of the tshirts increases the ductility. This ensures a better fit and comfort.

Cut by tshirts

Depending on what you’ve got before it, should be a Longsleeve rather close to the body or just some casual cut. Further cut to offer options for less-intensive activities and if it’s more about the look. < br / > once a Longsleeve replaced the functional underwear, the fit should be tight. Only so good insulation and durable moisture wicking guaranteed. < br / > women’s models are fitted cut and some models of tshirts with thumb loops, hood or (zip) collar therefore.

Avalanche Equipment

Life saver in an emergency: the avalanche equipment

, Avalanches are a risk should not be underestimated in the mountain and winter sports. Therefore, a high quality avalanche equipment always should be when it comes to the winter mountains. Already after a few minutes, the survival chances of avalanche fall dramatically. An avalanche equipment enables fast and effective action if the emergency occurs. In conjunction with a backpack of avalanche the avalanche equipment is the best way to survive an emergency.

What is a full avalanche equipment?

An avalanche equipment generally comprises three components: the avalanche (short WMS), the probe and the avalanche shovel. The LVS device is used to locate the victim. When transmitting a signal on a standardized frequency is sent at short intervals. This signal can be tracked themselves from one another in the reception mode of the Avalanche. The probe is the part of avalanche equipment that is used for the exact location of the victim. The probe is introduced to the fine sounding in the snow to determine the exact location and depth of the victim. With the avalanche shovel, avalanche equipment to penetrate a way up to the buried person offers. By a stable shovel blade and a fixed stock it is possible through heavily compacted snow to dig. < br / > In an extreme case, the avalanche equipment becomes the Lifesaver, because with the recovery of victims, every minute counts! An avalanche equipment belongs in any case in the luggage of every regulatory!

Photo Backpacks

Photo backpack through the site

Who want to safely stow away his high-quality camera and the expensive equipment and transport, do not get around a photo backpack. Finally, is with a DSLR, interchangeable lenses, fast to wear some Flash, tripod, and utensils. For a system camera or a small digicam, a well-padded bag offers in outdoor use. Because they protect the valuable contents from bumps, dirt, and thieves.

The right photo backpack for equipment

in the market, there are photo backpacks for a wide variety of applications. Professionals and ambitious hobby photographers carry their gear in a backpack with padded camera compartment. This one has a tidy subdivision with adjustable compartments for different focal lengths, organizational compartments for small items and food. Next to it is an attachment for the stand of absolute sense. After all, who wears the heavy tripod photo tour in the mountains like all day in your hand? < br / > features like an integrated rain cover and a drinking system recording outdoor are also very useful. Lowepro, F-stop gear and mindshift have made a name for itself in this segment. Whose camera backpacks are practical, sophisticated and high-quality. Usually a camera bag with shoulder strap, or a practical way of fixing on the backpack is sufficient for smaller cameras. Here is from urban designed Pocket for a city trip to the Rucksackinlay for every purpose solution.

Comfort, handling and theft protection

A camera backpack or camera bag proves to be of use. Easy to bear the weight of the photographic equipment, a proper harness with padded waist belt is important in a backpack. The camera and the equipment must remain protected as best as possible, the day organized and easily accessible. This is ensured by a quick access with zipper. Thus the main compartment can be wide open and the photographer keep track. This solution has the advantage that the complete photographic equipment at a glance before one is located. < br / > some manufacturers such as Pacsafe place high value on the security aspect. Buckles and zippers are lockable, the belts are reinforced with stainless steel cables and blocking materials prevent data theft RFID radiation.


Protect sensitive areas with Knielingen!

Armwarmers, legwarmers and knee warmers are whether you now are on mountain bike, road bike, or touring bike best accessories for lovers of the bicycle -. The small and lightweight coats are a more effective heat protection and complete a functional clothing. < br / > the following is about the properties of Knielingen and therefore, what you should consider when buying. Not every model is appropriate, so here the relevant information for the purchase.

Characteristics and differences of Knielingen

Knee warmers are anatomically shaped, short coats to the knee. They cover a smaller area than the whole arm or leg warmers and hence a different purpose. While the other variants in cool weather are worn and then, when it gets warmer, from length, Kneewarmers remain mostly where they belong. Because they have the purpose of the sensitive knee permanently before cooling to protect < br / > generally speaking the fact that temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius the knee longer activities should be covered, to prevent future stress injuries. As a bicycle ride or even a run round at 10 degrees often with short pants is still enjoyable, you can supplement the shorts with Knielingen and so carefree sports. < br / > the material, the fit and supplements are important details at Knielingen. Usually, Kneewarmers consist of synthetic fibres, which are elastic. Wool provides warmth, a membrane provides excellent weather protection. Definitely the right model is for each and every use, z.Bsp. Löffler, Endura, Mavic, Pearl Izumi! < br / > the Kneewarmers should not be too long, are snug, but not tight or pinch pedaling and especially not slip. To avoid this, there are models with silicone inserts at the waist. So stick the Kneewarmers well on the skin and stay there where they should be. Reflectors or preformed left / right models round off the overall picture.

Climbing Backpacks

The best climbing backpack

No matter whether for the path to the route entry to the rock or as a companion for alpine climbing tours: A good climbing backpack is essential for comfortable transport of goods. The backpack must be creating the balancing act between extreme durability and low weight with high wearing comfort. The following therefore some help to choose of a matching backpack for climbing.

General information on material and equipment for climbing backpacks

, Backpacks, specially developed for climbing, exhibit some characteristics, which should facilitate the handling on the wall. One is the typical climbing backpack made of a lightweight material that also has a high abrasion resistance. Because the contact of the outer material with sharp rock edges is inevitable, this is preserved mostly by use of tear-resistant nylon. At the same time, such substances are themselves very easy – and climbing, we know that every gram counts! Another advantage of this processing is that the dense weave makes the upper weatherproof also (limited). Shorter downpour will be fended off so easily. Complete water resistance achieved by using silicone or polyurethane-coated materials. < br / > on the other hand, a climbing backpack despite minimal construction needs reinforcements at stress points and enough mounting options for climbing equipment. Also one or two straps for (semi) should include the standard equipment of a good climbing backpack a wear-resistant floor (due to the weight of carbines or friends) ropes, a Daisychain for Expressen and, where appropriate, loops for ice tools.

Cutting and climbing backpacks back system

Freedom of movement to ensure much backpacks for climbing are generally narrow cut. Smaller models are closely on the back (often without padding), larger climbing backpacks have a flexible, slightly padded back system which provides ventilation and adapts to the curvature of the spinal column when climbing. At the time of purchase is to take into account that the climbing Backpack on the harness is worn (exceptions are harness backpack combinations). Should disturb the closed belt of while climbing backpack, a removable version is recommended. By the elevated seat, it may also happen that for larger models with a long cut helmet and lid of the climbing backpack in the way come up – that absolutely must try!

Size choice for climbing backpacks

The range of small Allrounders with 10L volume to climbing backpacks for Alpine use 50 litres. You should therefore know what it does with the backpack and how long you will wear it for about (increased to, material storage, sport climbing, big wall). In addition, it is important to plan how much equipment in the climbing backpack with must. In addition to the basic equipment of wind jacket, water bottle, and first aid, an icefall may require a full down outfit for the stand package on House Rock. Also with a good climbing backpack to keep optimal motion comfort, as so often, try to share equipment (on), finally climbing is Partnersport!

Trekking Poles & Accessories

With trekking poles in the Valley

Want whether on trekking tour or simply to the hike, who once appreciated has learned the benefits of modern trekking poles and hiking sticks, which is no longer as fast on it. Good hiking sticks provide secure footing in difficult terrain, support if it goes down and give the right moves uphill. The most important advantage of trekking poles is but medical nature: the use of trekking poles on a tour relieves the hip, the knee joint and the ankle. Especially downhill or in difficult terrain of the walking stick reduces the load placed on the joints.

A high quality manufactured trekking pole can help to prevent accidents and to minimise the risk of injury on the Trek. But what is to make sure when buying trekking poles on?

What is the appropriate hiking sticks -?

, A walking stick is usually made of aluminum or carbon fiber, a fiber made of carbon-reinforced plastic. Walking sticks made of carbon are lightweight and stable. In addition, they dampen the vibrations of the ground and not disclose them to the hands of the carrier. Trekking poles made of aluminium are usually slightly heavier than their carbon counterparts, but often cheaper to purchase

a good walking stick should have also a handle made of high quality material. Usually, the handles are made of cork or plastic. Important are also the hand loops that serve not only as a backup. Support also the hand position and ensure an optimal power transmission from the arm to the trekking pole.

If it is to be no walking stick with fixed-length, that’s no problem! Many models are modern clamping systems in the height-adjustable and can be easily adapted to the own body size and the specific situation. And if there is something less space in your backpack? Some manufacturers offer also folding walking sticks, which can be reduced to a very small pack size.

Tarps & Sheet Tents

Not only for ultralight enthusiasts: tarps and tarp tents

Close to nature nights – a wonderful experience. Where fauna and weather allow it represents a good alternative to the tent of the tarp. It can turn with other equipment such as trekking poles and the realities of nature in the blink of an eye into a full-fledged hotel. In addition, it is easy to handle and versatile.

In addition to the use as tent replacement can be use the tarp to protect from Sun or serves as a rain cover for dining and seating areas. Numerous, high quality tarps from manufacturers such as MSR, VAUDE, Exped, or snow peak can be found with us in the shop.

Light tarps for weather protection

, The classical tarp is equivalent to a simple plan design. In contrast to a simple plane, however, modern tarps have numerous features that prove particularly positive when used outdoors. In addition to the water – and tear-resistance are especially light weight as well as the use of particularly rascheln poor materials.

Often they have an enclosed pushrods and highly durable eyelets to the rigging. The full plan tent hold also strength from winds and rain showers. Only the rock roof or a bivy bag is even easier.

The tarp as an extension for the tent

weight is an important factor for mission, which often has to be worn on the back over long distances. For this reason, a lightweight tent often has a rather limited space. You wish then slightly more space just at the campsite by car or during bad weather. Many manufacturers such as VAUDE or Exped offer therefore special tarp designs for the extension of tents.

This can be link corresponding design with the tent or use but also solo, as a classic tarp,. So also phases can be inclement weather well in a small tent persevere.

Tarps for groups

Many tarps have a sufficient size to offer shelter even whole groups of six or more people. In this way, touring luggage can be particularly narrow lace. Group operations the tarpaulin tents also as roofing for cooking zones can be used, where adequate ventilation is especially important. Like the community places with a tent of the plan to be reviewed and offer as protection against rain or provide shade as awnings during the day.

Very close to the natural

a night under a tarp is not just for purists and Gramm hunters. The experience of nature is hard to compare with a night in the tent. The fresh air makes for a particularly restful sleep. In addition, direct sunlight is not synonymous with a heat build-up which ended the night under circumstances already early in the morning.

A-quality tarp belongs in every good terrace and can be versatile: for particularly narrow touring luggage, for extra comfort or just for a special nature experience.

Twin Ropes

Backup in the double-stranded with twin ropes

Double holds better! This often used phrase you can deny its truth at least in regard to twin ropes. Twin ropes are used only in the double strand and come at pre-school and climbed after use. With a diameter of between 7 and 8 millimetres, twin ropes are very thin and may therefore never be climbed in the single strand. The two strands of a twin cable offers a high degree of security. Twin ropes are hung together in the interim backups. It almost never happens that both strands are cut at the same time due to high load, sharp edges or rockfall. Also offers the ability to rappel over the whole length. A twin rope is used mainly in the Alpine sector.

What must afford twin ropes?

Since in the truest sense their own lives the twin rope depends on, it should comply with high quality standards and be more reliable. To secure that, twin ropes must be checked according to the European safety standard EN 892. This standard crash test, the twin ropes must endure 12 crashes with load: 80 kg without tearing. The rope stretch exceed not more than 40 per cent in the event of a fall and 10 percent for normal load. Only when this test is passed, the twin rope on the market as a climbing rope must be allowed to. This ensures maximum safety with the rope. A factor in the one also should look for when buying twin ropes is that the rope is impregnated. This is very important especially in the Alpine use. The impregnation prevents moisture from entering the climbing ropes and protects from pollution. This greatly increases the life span of the twin rope.


Softshellwesten – freedom of movement guaranteed!

Whether a hike through a beautiful scenery of the Alps, a strenuous trekking tour or a long bike ride – Softshellwesten are an ideal companion. You warm the upper body and guarantee full freedom of movement during sport activities. In the backpack is a softshell vest quickly stowed and takes away space. A softshell vest is the ideal solution when a jacket is too much and it is constantly moving. Softshellwesten is characterized by a windproof fabric that is still highly breathable. It is as nice and warm on the upper body and the skin can breathe nevertheless. Body moisture is directed away from the skin to the outside and to evaporate on the surface of the jacket. Directly on the body, it remains dry and warm. The light Softshellwesten do not complain and still pleasantly warm. They often consist of a quick-drying fabric, not fully be sucking with moisture. You are water repellent, waterproof in some cases even up to a certain extent. What distinguishes a softshell vest?

Usually a softshell vest consists of several layers. The inner layer is often slightly roughened and soft and therefore very comfortable to wear. The outer layer protects against wind and is also water resistant up to a certain extent. Therefore the softshell vest is ideal for moderate temperatures. Softshellwesten can be ideal with a T-Shirt, Longsleeve or Fleeceoberteil combine. The softshell vest warms the upper body stable. Especially in stop-and-go tours, this is ideal, so you do not quickly cools during the breaks. The vest must not be off also again during each break, as continuous proper ventilation ensures a pleasant wearing comfort. The material is usually very robust and abrasion-resistant, so that’s good to withstand even a backpack on his shoulders. A high stretch ensures unrestricted freedom of movement. Also, the drying time is shortened by the spandex.

Differences in the material

Depending on which outdoor activity is planned – Softshellwesten is available in different materials. Softshellwesten suitable for tours on which you can take with very little luggage, from very fine, breathable materials. While some West consist of an intelligent material mix. Combine a windproof front, with a breathable back! One is on a climb on the road, where it can be really cold, you should pay attention to a warming inner lining or a slightly thicker material. Some Softshellwesten come with laminated seams and hold longer wind and water. She don’t match up to a Hardshellweste in terms of weather protection, but is completely in drizzle or light snow sufficiently. < br / > advise our customer service about the matching Softshell vest for the respective projects!