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Mountain Bike Maintenance Cleaning

With the finish line products, the bike is clean again!

Bike maintenance and cleaning

“Who loves his bike, which pushes”, so it was said earlier. Today the realization has prevailed, that the love of a subject also in care and cleaning can be expressed. A motorcycle with chain oil, grease, bike cleaners and toiletries can be exquisitely clean, maintain, and maintain, so the function remains a long time and it shines in new splendour. Continue reading Mountain Bike Maintenance Cleaning

How to Choose Mountain Bike Helmet

The selection of bicycle helmets is almost unmanageable

On the bicycle, a helmet is (still) not compulsory. But seriously, no one denies that the head must remain protected as best as possible! Therefore, a bicycle helmet is recommended for every cyclist. At km winding a race helmet on his head is one of pre-season on the lightweight racer. A mountain bike helmet comes along muddy trails to the thing to use. Continue reading How to Choose Mountain Bike Helmet

Sleeping Bag Liner Review Silk or Cotton

A restful night in a hut sleeping bag

If you’re planning a tour with huts, is thinking maybe not as first to put a hut sleeping on the packing list. But be careful! Hut sleeping bag are become mandatory at most of all cottage owners to stay in the hut. Not only as a “mobile duvet cover” a hut sleeping bag served its purpose, as the indoor sleeping bag heat output increases with him again and in warm regions, it can be used also as a summer sleeping bag. Continue reading Sleeping Bag Liner Review Silk or Cotton

How to Wear Outdoor Vest

Enjoy the nature with a good outdoor vest

If it will slowly cool in the fall or the spring is still very fresh, West then it is exactly the right climate for high-quality outdoor! A good outdoor vest keep warm upper body and offers much more freedom of movement than a usual Jacket by exposed arms. Many outdoor West offer a high heat output and are just fine as an alternative to the jacket, but also as a supplement. So an outdoor vest as extra insulation layer under a jacket can be worn. Continue reading How to Wear Outdoor Vest

Bicycle Trailer Coupler Attachment

Practical and rewarding for convinced cycling: bicycle trailer

In everyday shopping, bike holiday to the luggage, traveling with the kids or a picnic with friends! Bike trailers are suitable for all drivers, where your bike is the favorite means of transportation. Good trailer design is aerodynamic, their driving behavior is therefore little affected. Continue reading Bicycle Trailer Coupler Attachment

Ski Touring Backpack Reviews

Out in the snow with a ski backpack from!

Under the touring backpacks are there models for most types of tours. This includes mountain tours as well as walking and cycling. But conditions in snow and ice, as well as the high cost of materials during skiing are other requirements for a special ski tours backpack something.

But not only by ski holder and handschuhfreunliche ease of use, ski touring rucksacks differed from conventional touring backpacks. There’s more info on ski touring rucksacks. Continue reading Ski Touring Backpack Reviews

HMS Carabiner What Does HMS Stand For

Safely climb with an HMS carabiner

For every climber, a good HMS carabiner belongs to the basic equipment. An HMS carabiner is suited for backing up with the half mast throw node – hence the name. The special type of carabiner has always a safety latch to prevent accidental opening of the carabiner snapper when backing up. Although the HMS carabiners were originally developed for securing half mast throw, they can be used well otherwise. HMS carabiners have a high stability and are made of aluminum for weight reasons. For use in climbing schools and courses scattered manufacturers offer also HMS carabiner steel, that much longer hold.

What can I use my HMS carabiner

Due to its special shape that resembles a PEAR, the HMS carabiner offers plenty of space for the backup node. He can be used also in the belaying versatile, where he can accommodate several carabiners and node. For this purpose there are HMS-carabiner with especially large scale. Such a carabiner can be used also in connection with all major backup devices. A tube securing device is the HMS karabiner is connected to the unit and thread the rope through both through.

What lock types exist at a HMS carabiner?

Few years ago, all HMS carabiner on the market with a simple screw cap were equipped. As before, this popular system enjoys because it is easy to understand, easy to use well in handling and even when wearing gloves. One forgets to turn the CAP however, or it opens unnoticed by cable friction, it can be dangerous. Then there may be an open load of the HMS carabiner in the worst case, or can the rope from the carbine slide. < br / > to prevent this self-locking systems on the market have been brought. There are HMS-carabiner with a double or triple locking system with 3-way offer even more security systems.

The development of the HMS karabiner is completed?

This question can be answered with a clear no. Of course, all manufacturers of climbing equipment work constantly to modernise their equipment. Therefore, there are also HMS carabiner, whose closing with magnetic systems works. And of course various other manufacturer patents that should provide more security. The simplest examples are here colour marks that show when a closure was not properly sealed. Or but plastic hangers, which lie only over the clasp can be if this was really properly locked. You can tease out getting back a bit more security even when an HMS carabiner by such intelligent solutions.

Best Mountain Bike Mudguards Reviews

Mudguards for mountain bikes

In the winter or after summer downpours many trails with mud holes are riddled, which more than justify the use of mudguards and fenders. Due to some significant travel by mountain bikes at the front and in the rear, no fenders with standard fittings can be used. That’s why recently stable and effective spray solutions both for the front and the rear of mountain bikes have emerged. Continue reading Best Mountain Bike Mudguards Reviews

How to Correctly Fit a Climbing Harness

Sure the correct harness

The sport climbing in the Hall or on the rocks and alpine mountaineering with multi pitch enjoy popularity. As has always been high cliffs and pristine peaks have a great attraction on the people. To defeat it but, it takes not only skill and stamina, but above all the correct equipment. This includes in particular the harness helmet, ice axe and rope. Because of the climbing harness provides the necessary support and is an important part of the personal protective equipment. Continue reading How to Correctly Fit a Climbing Harness

How to Choose a Bike Pedal for a Road Bike


In addition to the saddle and handlebars, the pedals are the single points of contact between of a cyclist with his bike. The choice of the right pedal for a particular purpose is therefore important. Pedals in the market is meanwhile, in addition to the classic bear paws special platform pedals for mountain bikes and trekking bikes exist. Continue reading How to Choose a Bike Pedal for a Road Bike

What Are the Best Mountain Bikes for the Money

Mountain bikes – mountain home

Untouched nature, breathtaking sunsets and fresh mountain air – can all enjoy themselves even more intensively if you are on the bike. To invade wild areas and to travel on dirt roads, is a reasonable bicycle needed: mountain biking. As its name suggests is to recommend it especially for the use in the mountains. A mountain bike is characterized by several features: a stable frame construction, a suspension system adapted to the range, as well as robust wheels with deep profiled tires. Continue reading What Are the Best Mountain Bikes for the Money