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Best Women’s Rain Pants for Backpacking

The appropriate rain trousers for rough weather

Comes in a real downpour every usual pants material to its limits. So it stays dry not only on the upper body, right rain pants I need for rough conditions in the luggage. Such as in the area of the jacket is permanently waterproof trousers called Hardshells. Here an overview should help to facilitate the buying decision of rain trousers. Continue reading Best Women’s Rain Pants for Backpacking

How to Use Via Ferrata Equipment

With the right climbing equipment on the road

A via ferrata is a fascinating thing. It comes with simple backup means and a good hedge in the steepest rock faces, which would be reached only with more complicated climbing. Although the climbing equipment is relatively simple to use and also not very extensive, there are some things to keep in mind. Continue reading How to Use Via Ferrata Equipment

Synthetic vs Down Sleeping Bag Review

It must be not always down: synthetic sleeping bag

Who like at home can be the bivy bag or in areas with highly changing weather conditions on the road is, should better avoid the warm down sleeping bag and access to alternative synthetic fibre. Here you can learn what aspects you still should consider when purchasing a synthetic sleeping bag. Continue reading Synthetic vs Down Sleeping Bag Review

Where to Buy Ski Tuning Tools

Ski tools for the maintenance

Let’s go on the slope. But wait, what is this? The beloved skis are no longer shot, the snowboard is one of newly waxed and at all, everything must be cleaned once. No problem! The famous brands such as Swix, Toko, other brands provide the appropriate ski tools for the maintenance and repair of the ski. With the appropriate ski care tool, skis or the Board are rapidly again as good as new and the winter sports fan can download zoom to your heart’s content the slope! Continue reading Where to Buy Ski Tuning Tools

Portable Solar Panel for Travel Trailer

Power supply for traveling: with solar panels, one remains independent

On expedition, hiking, camping holidays, or where no reliable electricity supply ensure is, solar panels are a practical solution. With these, the batteries for the camera equipment, are at the base camp charged satellite phone and co. The most important devices remain operational and the primary health care is on the move ensured. Continue reading Portable Solar Panel for Travel Trailer

Wilderness Survival Knife Skills

For any outdoor adventure in on in the adventure with the outdoor knife!

For a real fans, a good knife, gold is worth! Who is much in nature, needs an outdoor knife that he can rely on in any case. Whether Pocket knife or one hand knife, no matter whether Opinel, Wenger or Gerber – a high quality knife is an indispensable tool, the outdoor not to imagine that life is. Continue reading Wilderness Survival Knife Skills

Best Snowshoes for Kids

Children’s snow shoe: fixed occurs when snow-shoe hiking

As Snowshoe walking enjoying increasing popularity, it is hardly surprising that even the little ones want to stay not outside. To ensure the fun and safety at this sport, snow shoes for children are specifically adapted to the needs of children’s feet. Children’s snow shoe are on hand to ensure that the winter tour is the complete success! Continue reading Best Snowshoes for Kids

Bike Covers for Outside Storage

Bike covers – the perfect “travel accommodation” for the bike

“Who loves his bike, which pushes”? No, who appreciate his bike, gave a practical bike cover him for the trip! Bike covers, which are nothing but transport bags for the mountain bike and road racing bike. Who wants to keep his bike during the camping trip or moving in a plane, bus or train optimally protected, robust bicycle covers not get around! Continue reading Bike Covers for Outside Storage