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Fashion Casual Summer Dresses

Women not only want to be with the latest in fashionable dresses for parties or special events, but also for events and casual outputs, especially in the season of spring and summer, where casual dresses are those who stand out more.

So you don’t have to be looking for, here at this new article I want to share with you different options of casual long dresses of the latest trends of fashion. Are beautiful dresses that stand out for being of female special designs for modern girls who want to look fashionable.

Dress with tulle

For those days when the heat is intense, this simple but elegant color dresses black dress is perfect so you can wear with a pretty fresh and feminine look. It is a design of cutting and simple fall that fits the body in great shape. You can wear this garment to go out with her friends, to go shopping or for any other special event. It is a success to be a classic color.

Radiant gown

If you like the colours radiant and eye-catching, these colors also you can wear in the garments. For example, for a trip with friends or to go to the beach this beautiful orange long dress with printed detail is perfect. It is a perfect garment for summer to be a dazzling color.

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Tips For Choosing Footwear On The Camino De Santiago

One of the questions that most we are outside and inside our blog, perhaps the Queen of doubts, is: which shoes should I bring to the Camino de Santiago? Would you give me advice?
As each of us have a different foot, surely this post would give for a long essay about how to dress for the feet before beginning a new stage. For open mouth here «see this site» tips that can help you to choose a good shoe to enjoy the road smoothly.

1. I have late-model sports brand sneakers, do I take them to the road? No, the sports are not an option. His soft sole and flexible more soon than later finished torturing the sole of your foot thanks to stones that you’ll find in the paths without asphalt by thousands.

2. And then what, boot or shoe? Both are possible provided they are prepared for trekking or hiking. Fortunately most of the paths by which the road runs allow both options.

3. To me personally I like the boots, I recommend low shank, i.e. not very high for comfort, but at the same time that protect you the ankle and the humidity that very often you will find yourself as you approach to Galicia. I personally have Crystal ankle, and do not want to charge me a splendid trip to the first wrong turn tread.

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Xperia Photo Academy: Sony Xperia Z3 Shows Off Camera

Great photos with Xperia Smartphones: Sony working on his project “Xperia photo Academy” with renowned photographers who use their recordings exclusively Smartphone of the Xperia series.

The participating photographers include, for example, Greg Funnell, Ben Thomas and J.N.Silva, reported Sony on his company blog. With the action, the Japanese company wants to show how well the cameras of Xperia smartphones can be used in everyday life. The used smartphones were the Sony Xperia Z3 and the Sony Xperia Z3 compact.

Xperia Photo Academy Sony Xperia Z3 Shows Off Camera-1

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How to Wear Short Dresses as a Lady

Short dresses ever go out of fashion, but it is very important to know how to use them to avoid uncomfortable moments. For that, I recommend you read this small Guide to make your short dresses conform to your personality.

Make sure that your dress has an appropriate length

If your dress is too short, jampas look like a lady. The length of the dress has to go beyond the tip of the fingers of your hands. If your fingers touch your bare leg without having to bend your body, it is because the dress is very short. If you want short evening dresses, I advise you to choose those well cover your ass and your underwear is not exposed.

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Vintage Short Dresses for Chubby

Finding dresses for special events is fun as long as stores offer you large variety you can choose with confidence. Many women ignore all the time that a girl can take gordita in finding the right dress and going to make a fun task to do frustrating and blasting them daily.

For this reason, today day I will devote a whole afternoon to seek the best options of short dresses for fat where you feel privileged to have many designs short dresses to appreciate.

The aim of this blog of apparel has been always to show you the best dresses of the market and give you different alternatives for you and your best friends. Remember, if you want to know where to buy dresses for chubby, you can write on the end of each article or follow us on the vintage dress website.

Important tips

If you’re chubby, don’t worry, just to be able to look beautiful and super fashion. Today, there are so many choices on the market, that there is no excuse not to see you well, just know how. So, check with me these super important tips that will help you choose your costume to look great.

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How and Where to Use 4 Person Camping Tents

Four man tents for camping, trekking and expeditions

The 4-person tents outdoors already belong to the larger models. Because they must accommodate a small group, they are of course slightly heavier and bulkier in the pack size of persons as their relatives with space for 1-3. They have also mostly a large footprint for Alpine use. Finally, it is hard to find a flat surface that is large enough for a 4-person tent in the mountains.

Where are 4 person tents used mainly?

Are mainly in the area of camping, festivals or events at home tents with a capacity of four and more. Of course there are some trekking tents for 4 persons, this is the exception but clearly, because even small trekking groups usually with several smaller tents are better served. The exceptions are still group tents for expedition use. Here come in the base camps of the 7000 and 8000 often 4-person tents and even greater to the usage. < br / > of course you must not four of them sleep in a 4-person tent, many campers use also two generous space of these group tents. You have just significantly more space for luggage and to sleep as in a 2 or 3 person tent. Then, enough space is also guaranteed for longer camping mats and you can’t get up at night in the way. 4-person tents have mostly larger vestibules, where not only luggage and tent accessories store is, but where you can also prepare food with his outdoor cooker. If the apse is large enough, here also the sleeping bag can be dry rain-protected while on the go.

What types of four-man tents are there?

Basically three tent forms are used in the outdoors: the tunnel tent, dome tent (called also igloo tent) and the geodesists tent. Older tent shapes such as round tents (which look like native American tipis) and first tents (which take the form of a roof firsts) are hardly used they are used mostly for bigger tents. Who favored the classical forms, is still 4 person tents at some few manufacturers. < br / > the 4-person tunnel tent has the shape of a half pipe. Through this form, the tent can be quickly built and have very steep sides. Therefore, the tunnel tent has the best ratio of usable interior volume to the base. As long as it is in the wind, this 4 man tent even if strong wind is very stable. < br / > the 4-person dome tent is being constructed with at least two poles intersect at the highest point and put up so the tent. Advantage of this 4 person tent is that you can quickly build it and also still around can help. It stands alone in an emergency and must not be tensioned. A Geodesist is similar in construction, but it has considerably more slack intersections, making this 4-person tent is stable under wind.

Multi-sport Shoes for Trail Running and All Other Terrains

With multi sport shoe on altitude hunting

The genus of the multi sport shoe isind the “all-rounder” amongst the outdoor footwear. Multi sport shoe is suitable for a wide variety of sporting activities. Whether for hiking, trekking, trail running, in the via ferrata, traveling or just at every step in the life – a multi sport shoe for men and women has a large scope and brought many kilometers mountain sport and outdoor enthusiasts in over time.

Multi sport shoe love the site

With the appropriate multi sport shoe is always slip-resistant off-road traveling. A multi sport shoe or a lightweight hiking boot are just shorter walks, light outdoor activities or during the climb to the rock climbing on the foot as the rain jacket in the backpack. It is therefore with little luggage en route and lays back while not too many km, then multi sport shoe are absolutely sufficient.

Characteristics of technical multi sport shoe

There are multi sport shoe today in different versions. Good, technical multi sport shoes are often equipped with a waterproof and breathable membrane (E.g. from Gore-Tex), preventing wet or unpleasant-smelling sweaty feet. Their sole Assembly is not quite as sturdy and solid as in an Alpine compatible Mountain boots. Nevertheless, a good multi sport and trekking shoe is equipped with a slip – and abrasion-resistant outsole. One has however once found the right model of a multi sport shoe on his foot, then nothing is more in the way the numerous outdoor adventures in nature and in the urban jungle in the future.

Waterproof and Breathable Ski Pants

With the right ski pants never wet thighs

Not only a high-quality ski jacket and ski gloves off, but also the matching pants for men and women make a functioning ski outfit. Even for children, there are now high-quality children ski pants for unlimited fun in the snow and on the ski slopes. A good ski pants for men and women among the winter wardrobe, like the snow in winter, the ski binding to the ski or ski gloves for ski jacket for skiers, snowboarders and freeriders. There are numerous different models of ski trousers for men and women (see, but usually one should have common under the ski pants: never wet thighs and legs in the snow and on the ski slopes.

Spoilt for choice with the purchase of the appropriate ski pants

What matters with the matching pants, is individually different and varies according to demand and usage purpose. It’s so on the question, for whatever use you need the ski pants. Ambitious ski touring and ski mountaineering when a ski pants more weight, freedom of movement, durability and breathability. Good touring pants are equipped with side zipper vents on the thighs and have a very breathable membrane. But until then, this membrane exploits their full functionality when working with functional underwear system. Therefore it is also a good functional underwear.

Ski trousers for skiers and mountaineers

Resistance, thermal insulation and fit is, however, important

Alpine skiers and snowboarders. Therefore there are many different ski pants models for ladies and gentlemen: warm and insulated ski pants for Alpine use on the ski slopes and the ski area and light, thin shell pants for ski tours and snowshoe area. High-quality ski pants are all equipped with a water – and windproof and breathable membrane to protect the Alpine skiers and ski tourers thus from snow, cold, wind and weather. Also ski-pants for children meet these requirements for functionality. A good ski clothing, consisting of a high-quality ski jacket and pants (try, is lightweight and designed to warm air on the body only getting to the outside, if the ventilation zippers are opened.

Little help with the purchase of ski pants

First and foremost, it is important that the pants fit. She should be neither too long nor too short, should not slip or cut out and the skier or snowboarder should feel comfortable just in the ski pants. Good ski trousers for men and women must withstand but also the most adverse weather conditions. The winter sports enthusiasts and skiers must rely to snowfall, wind and rain 100% on it. A ski pants must keep dry and therefore warm, very abrasion resistant and robust, and a good breathability and the appropriate cut ensure an optimal body climate. The eye decides and “buys” with. Therefore, look, cut, color, and pattern of a ski pants is also important. When purchasing a ski pants, you should consider therefore whether the colours of ski jacket, ski gloves and ski pants are in harmony. A potential ski pants finally fulfilled this criteria – talk: you sits, fits, breathes, has air, is water – and windproof, and looks good – well, then nothing in the way can stand the next winter adventure at the Alpine skiing and snowboarding on the slopes, as well as snowshoe hiking or ski touring,.

Tents for Outdoor Sports Review

The tent – mobile home for mountaineering, trekking and camping holidays

Every outdoor enthusiasts no longer buying a tent passes sooner or later. No matter if you plant a trekking tour of Scandinavia, travels by bicycle through Africa, plans an expedition to the K2 or would like to spend your camping vacation just in Arco, there’s the best tent for every purpose. This versatility in the scope results in a variety of completely different types of tent with individual properties.

Distinguish between tents, for example, on the basis of the construction can be: dome – and igloo tents, tunnel tents, geodesists. But of course due to their different purpose: camping tents, expedition tents, family tents and trekking tents. Of course, not every tent for any purpose fits and the most expensive tent is not necessarily right for the individual application. In the jungle of the many tent offers is to keep the overview and to find the appropriate tent for himself on the basis of the facts. The perhaps strongest criterion in the selection of the tent is the number of people. Who would like to ride the family camping vacation, is to buy a 1-person bivy tent. Who is on the go on solo tour in the mountains, needs no 8-person base camp tent. Even if you two are with a 3 person tent, you actually wasted space in the luggage of the tours and take unnecessary ballast.

The most important tent structures – GEODESIC tent, dome tent and tunnel tent

in addition to the question of how many people will be staying, the question is probably the most important after the construction. Tents can be roughly distinguished in tunnel tents, dome tents and geodesists. The classic form of tent with a slanted roof or exotic square forms no longer come as modern outdoor tents into consideration. Here outweigh the disadvantages in weight and stability.

The most common tent construction is also known as the igloo tent certainly the dome tent. It has a rectangular ground plan and two rods arcs that intersect centrally. This form is the tent also by itself and must be tensioned hardly in addition in dry weather. Also it can be themselves even after building up yet to push. The form provides a relatively good ratio of surface area to usable interior surface, the maximum height reached the tent but only to a point.

A dome tent with several linkage junctions called Geodesist. Through the crossings the pressure is spread by wind or snow loads more evenly on many poles. This GEODESIC tents are significantly more stable than normal dome tents. You are therefore mainly on the expedition use where maximum weather protection under extreme conditions. Depending on you are with how much luggage, on a sufficiently large vestibule to watch, because inside the tent itself usually is no more room for larger backpacks.

Tunnel tents also have a rectangular shape, the linkage but do not intersect, but run parallel to each other in an arc from one side to the other. This results in a form that resembles a half cylinder. In contrast to a dome tent, this construction is not alone and must be anchored always neatly. The benefit is the improved ratio of surface area to usable Interior. The walls are very steep with a tunnel tent and you have the maximum amount available over the entire length in the middle. Usually, these tents have spacious vestibule, which is plenty of room for gear and backpacks.

The sense of an inner tent

the most tents are made of an outer tent and there is a tent, but also some few walled tents that are especially lightweight and compact. The inner tent lets the moisture escape, created by breathing air and sweating in a tent. You condenses on the outer tent and runs down on the inside of the outer wall. Here, a good ventilation of the tent is especially critical, the condensation as far as possible to limit.

But also inner tent is not the same inner tent. In a tent, which was developed especially for use in the summer, the inner tent will consist of a thin mesh. This is used mainly keeping mosquitoes and other insects and offers little or no weather protection. Between high mountain models, however, used density nylon fabric, which provide a good heat retention and wind protection.

The most common materials for tents

in addition to the basic material of the cover and the soil, even the coating is an important aspect for the quality of a tent. Also the material of the rod makes a difference in the price, weight and stability.

An easily comparable quality characteristic is the specification of the water column. It defines how much water pressure can act on a fabric before water enters. From 1500 mm water column a substance is considered to be waterproof. As so often is the technical value alone even not very meaningful, the processing of seams, high quality impregnations and covered zippers make the quality of a tent.

, The two most common materials are polyamid and polyester. Polyamide has the advantage of being particularly tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant. Of disadvantage are the UV sensitivity and the fact that polyamide moist stretches – here a retension may be necessary. To compensate for these disadvantages, the Ripstop structure is used for higher-quality tents. The strong additional seams increase the tensile strength and prevent a stretching of tissue. The UV resistance is significantly increased through a silicone coating.

Polyester is light and UV resistant. It won’t stretch with moisture and must not be tensioned so also. The higher noise level is a disadvantage of polyester – polyester flapping in the wind, which can disrupt the sleep comfort at higher wind speeds. Glass fiber is used for the linkage either or but – more expensive tents, aluminium. Of course there are quality differences, which are characterized above all by the alloys also here. Basically it can be said: the thicker the linkage, more stable – but also serious – it is!

Of course the mountaineers customer service’s assist with all questions relating to the selection of the appropriate tent.

3-in-1 Jackets for Sports and Leisure

Double jackets – 3 in 1 jackets for outdoor and leisure

What one actually understands under the term jacket? Especially in the cold season, the combination of different types of jacket offers in outdoor use. Here, the concept of the “Onion layers”principle from diseaseslearning has become a common expression. One combines a waterproof and wind-proof rain jacket and an insulating fleece or synthetic jacket to have the appropriate clothing for every kind of weather. Have many outdoor manufacturers have responded to this trend and offer ready combinations of outer jacket and insulation jacket – just a double jacket.

Double coats can be flexibly combined

with a double jacket it is as mentioned, very flexible on the road. On cold, wet days, double jackets worn as a complete system that combines so rain and insulation jacket. In this variation the jackets are, for example, excellent for the next skiing holiday, snow-shoe hiking or walks on rainy days of November. On cold, dry days, which often occur in the winter mountains, can be very good individually pull the inner jacket. Also for cool summer evenings the inner jacket is worn alone a good choice.

It is, however, on holiday in more southerly regions on the way and it is relatively warm and raining, be used only the outer jacket on Get practical taken three jackets with a jacket so basically at one time – and more cost-effective it simply doesn’t work.

Double jackets are suitable for sport and leisure

In contrast to many outdoor jackets with extremely technical design, the most double jackets are more moderate in their appearance. Thus, you can wear his jacket well in everyday life and for leisure, without attracting too much attention. Through the flexible combination of double coats they can be used in a variety of outdoor activities. You can wear a jacket while hiking trekking tour or go skiing.

Due to its popularity, the double jackets enjoy vintage style, there she is now in a variety of material combinations. There are double jackets that have a softshell outer jacket or be combined with a Hardshell outer jacket. A fleece jacket, down parka or jacket with synthetic wadding can be used as a liner. These different types of materials extends the range of application of double coats. You can buy for every need and every season the matching jacket.

HTC One (M7): 5 Tips For Photographing

Good photos with the HTC one (or abbreviation M7)? Does the main camera of HTC’s before pointing model from the year 2013 compared to the successor less well: in spite of the ultra pixel technology images come partially out of focus; also the color representation is to be desired. Nevertheless, arise good photos with the 4.3-MP camera of HTC one (M7). Here, you can find out what tricks can help you.

Take Serial Pictures

A handy feature of the HTC one (M7) is the ability to record a series of images with the camera just. In this way, you can search out the best photo according to the recording. This function is also excellently suited to capture moving objects themselves. To open the camera app and select the “Camera” mode. The camera on the object and hold the camera icon. Now up to 20 photos are taken in rapid succession – depending on, how long you hold down the icon. In the preview of the images, you can directly choose the best photo by you first type the image and then “best shot”.

HTC One (M7) 5 Tips For Photographing

Use Panorama Function

Through a pan, you can take a wide area, with the panoramic feature of the HTC one (M7). Opens the camera app, the “camera” mode and then the options to do this first by her taps on the three small squares. Now select “Auto” and tap the panorama icon that consists of a rectangle, is black in colour in the a square area on the left side. To take the photo, you have to tap on the camera icon that is separated by a slash of a black square. Well, you moved the HTC one (M7) right or left, to capture the desired scene with songs and lyrics. The app automatically adds the resulting images to a photo. Sure to keep the Smartphone in the Pan as possible on one level. Also note that you can not zoom in Panorama mode.

Better Portraits

You don’t care whether your self with a Selfie or other people want – to perpetuate the HTC one (M7) offers a portrait setting to get better shots of people. They can select her from normal “camera” mode or the “self portrait” mode out by her type “Auto” and then click the people icon. As in the other modes, you take the picture of the camera icon.

General Tips

In the “settings” show the “grid” you have the object exactly at the point in the image that looks the best! The pursuit of the golden ratio is recommended: the object is not in the Middle, but on the border two third of the image.

If you want to manually adjust the contrast, saturation and sharpness, this “Image adjustments” menu item you can do in the “settings”.


  • To record series of images, you have to hold the camera icon when shooting
  • The panorama function is particularly suited to landscape photography
  • With the portrait mode on the people icon you can take better photos of people
  • With a grid you are able a better image Division
  • About “Image adjustments”, you can manually configure sharpness, saturation, and contrast