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Winter Clothes and Accessories in Big Sizes

This blog post is about plus size sweaters and accessories.

If you look a bit on the weather forecast from DMI, it will not be warmer – so you might as well pack the shorts and the gorgeous polo shirts away. On the other hand, it will be the weather to find the xxl sweaters, gloves and scarf. Some of favorites are selected for you. The characterizing crewneck mature this winter, the focus is on colors such as dark green, dark blue, Brown, Burgundy and not least pang colors such as yellow and orange. It is, of course, not everyone has the courage to wear a screaming-yellow sweater — so different models of sweaters and accessories are picked out, which will hopefully hit something for everyone.

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So Her Hidden Photos And Videos On Your iPhone Or iPad

Do you have photos or videos on the iPhone or iPad that otherwise go something anyone? Then hides – and correctly! iOS, while provides the option to hide images, places the files but only in the freely accessible album “Hidden”. Who wants to go really safe, need the right app.

Hide Photos In Ios

From iOS 8 have iPad iPhone users the option of photos or videos of the usual photo collections to include or exclude. Keep for the finger longer on a picture, type in the drop-down menu click “Hide”, and then click ‘Hide photo’. In the albums overview your iOS image gallery, you will now find the image in the folder “Hidden”. Which is freely accessible for anyone with device access unfortunately.

If you want to hide private shots consistently from the eyes of other people, you need an app such as, for example, secret photo & video calculator. There are alternatives, such as apps photo + video vault or HiFolder (free and Pro). In this example, we show how, photo & video calculator makes your photos with secret invisible.

So Her Hidden Photos And Videos On Your iPhone Or iPad


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Blue Topaz Jewelry for Sale

The name is derived from the Arabic ‘topazos’, which means as much as ‘found’. The name was adopted by the Romans and the Greeks. It is believed that the stone was found in the Arab region in the Red Sea. Topazes, also of Blue topaz, have the hardness of 8 Mohs and constitute a distinct group. Lithium, chrome and several minerals give the blue topaz color. Blue topazes are precious stones, which is available in different shapes, sizes, colors and qualities. This one comes then that the blue topaz of course has different shapes, oval, round, square or any form of fantasy, and is also called Cabochon. But its most beautiful luminosity comes through the traditional brilliant cut, it is simply the most beautiful and bright touches of the world. Click here for reasons.

But the most important thing you get here is fine blue topaz jewelry in real silver or real gold worked always at prices that your same search, which means they are always up to 60% on RRP and always with the best price guarantee.

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Guide to Buying Right Camping Mats

Mats – important basis for effective recovery!

If you are in the open air for several days, it is all the more important that you sleep well at night. So it is recovering from the exertions of the day and the body can give everything again the next morning! So you wake up with back pain or cold camping mats provide the necessary insulation to the ground. A sleeping mat directly warms, but shields the body from the cold of ground. This works so that the trapped air acts as an actual insulator. It is here important that the air in the mattress and no Exchange takes place. This is achieved through the insulation materials. Among them you can find foam, synthetic fiber or even down!

As so often is the outdoors on this subject a huge selection, only by their desires and demands of the tour limit it can be. Rather, if one is paths on busy for several days on the road, they want a lightweight sleeping pad with small pack size with camping knife (or DAO). Others prefer inflatable mats with a high insulation value for a comfortable night’s sleep. Also the intended decides for which mattress you finally choose.

How can you measure the degree of isolation?

Of the isolation level or a sleeping mat insulation ability is measured by the so-called value of R. Where: the higher the R-value, the better the thermal insulation of material. The R value also indicates up to which outside temperature, the use of a sleeping mat makes sense. If you put together two mats, you can simply count along the R-values! So you can learn up to what temperature the combination is ready to sufficiently isolate.

What mat for what purpose?

Are the most common types of camping mats foam mats, self-inflating mats and the so-called air TANZI. Also the down mats, which exhibit a high R value fall into the last category. Here, the air chambers are filled with down. So you can stay comfortable even in freezing temperatures in the double-digit range. The advantages of self-inflating camping mats, however, are their most cost-effective purchase, the comfort and a small pack size. The danger, however, is that creates a hole in the material, which minimizes the effect of isolation. Traditional foam mats are priced very cheap, absolutely robust and ready for winter. But they have a higher pack size and are easy to beat on comfort.

The right mat is available in our online shop – our customer service is available with help and advice to the page.

Guide for Warm Practical Slippers

Slippers: warm, stylish, practical!

Who doesn’t know that? It’s really uncomfortable sometimes, if you get after a long tour in the snow after inside and the feet are warm just not quick enough again. Since ordinary slippers can remedy this! As also lined winter boots, they provide warm feet and thus an overall pleasant body climate. Outside you combined warm jackets with thick shoes, why not also on the sofa the favorite Cuddly fleece with a matching hut shoe together wear? What you should consider when buying a fashionable and chubby hut shoe there is the following.

Materials of chalet shoes

Hut shoe is an elastic term, eventually can be hardly restrict the field of application of a warm house shoe. Is just as appropriate as for everyday use in the home or actually on cold summer nights instead of sandals at the campfire after tour on the Alpine Club hut. Main thing the treads stay warm! There are slippers made of wool, synthetic and down. Must they always have an insulating effect, but also what keep out, are the optimal warmth and long-lasting materials. Wool shoes persuade through a natural feel and always good. Thinner slippers made of wool can be used as a liner in winter boots. Are rather intended for use indoors, and sometimes have a slightly reinforced sole. Down or synthetic fiber slippers are particularly easy and still a number that are warmer than those made of wool. You have a smooth, water – and wind-resistant outer fabric and a reinforced sole. So you can attract good times outside them, about when you sit in the evening before the cabin or on the local terrace. Wind and weather have then no chance to warm wrapped feet. Here, a lining made of fleece comes in sometimes used, so that the shoes are more comfortable. Down is still warmer than synthetic fiber and also lighter. Some slippers have the sole special knobs or trimmings made of rubber or silicone, that make them more robust and handy.

Design of chalet shoes

In addition to the heat, the most slippers but especially by their appearance are interesting. With fashionable embroidery, bright colors, shiny fabrics, or even a folded collar they go just what! Of course, there are also models for women and children, which are characterized especially by her look and a customized size!

Gopro Hero4 Session: WÜRfelförmig, Waterproof And Compatible To iPhone

The action cam specialist GoPro has unveiled a new camera: the GoPro Hero4 session is characterized mainly by its even more compact design in cube shape. She is from work up to about 10 meters depth waterproof and thus could be the favorite of all water sports this summer.

GoPro is not the first manufacturer who puts a camera in a compact cube case. But even better, compared to the significantly lower Polaroid cube, the GoPro Hero4 session might be the appropriate for professionals. It distinguishes itself not only by a higher price, but brings also some features and extras, that are made possible only through the acquisition of additional equipment for the Polaroid.

A Hit For The 2015 Summer Vacation?

The GoPro Hero4 session will be available starting July 12 in two editions. Both packages contain the same camera, but differ in the enclosed accessories. The Standard Edition of the GoPro Hero4 session contains a curved bracket, as well as a flat adhesive mount, a special holder for surfboards, as well as a FCS plug fixture and a camera bracket band instead accompany the surf Edition. Both versions of the action cam should cost 429,99 euros each to start. If you already have a GoPro camera, which can use existing mounts even with the new camera cube.

Despite the fairly crisp price, the ultra-compact GoPro Hero4 session could become the star of the just-begun summer. Thanks to its waterproof housing and their low mass it is probably really suitable for shots when snorkeling and surfing. In a resolution of 720 p, it creates also even slow motion shots 100 frames per second. 60 frames per second are possible in case of full-HD mode and with a maximum video resolution of 1920 x 1440, there are still 30 fps. Wide-angle photographs are made with 8 MP.

Control you can the GoPro Hero4 session with a remote control via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or the GoPro app for iOS. Recordings can be started, for example, while browsing but also through the easy shutter release button on the camera. Should you be interested in an action cam, you can find here even a short overview with alternatives that do not come from GoPro.

Motorola Moto X (2015): Photos Show The New Smartphone With Selfie Flash

The Motorola Moto X (2015) to impress due to its camera features. Now, photos on a Facebook page called Perú Android have surfaced that appear to confirm at least one of the functions ascribed to the Smartphone: the LED flash for the camera on the front.

Thus, sharp Selfies with the Moto X (2015) should be possible even in the dark. The Facebook page has published not only the photos that should have been played to her from a “reliable source”. Details are also provided to tell there as Android Authority reported. Therefore, the Smartphone should have a 2K-Bildschirm and a 21-MP camera on the back. Already in may, there had been rumors, that the camera should have an optical image stabilizer and also allows slow motion shots with a high frame rate of 240 fps.

Fingerprint Scanner In The Speaker?

Another detail to the Moto X (2015), which is betrayed Perú Android on the Facebook page, is rather unusual: according to this Motorola should have accommodated the fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the speaker on the front.

Motorola Moto X (2015) Photos Show The New Smartphone With Selfie Flash

Should this happen in fact, Motorola would be the first Smartphone manufacturer who has installed this security feature without the need for an own button. Motorola could optimize the ratio between the display and front page – and still offer the biometric function. It remains questionable whether Motorola has really solved the space problem in this way. Probably, we’ll learn more on July 28 when the company likely will present the successor of the Moto X by 2014.

Dictionary of Terms in Makeup

I was thinking about how many times we hear terms or words in cosmetics or makeup that we sound as if we were speaking in Chinese, and for this reason I thought that we could go window and make a kind of dictionary and go so knowing its meaning. Today in my blog we started to develop the personal dictionary of makeup. What if, at least for the time being won’t them to sort alphabetically. Later, if we collect enough, they can be arranged like

  • Blush: blush
  • Eye Liner: eyeliner
  • Waterline: water line which are the two internal lines of eyes that come together when we are open and close.
  • Glitter: Glitter, glitter, as uds tell you.
  • Nude: Naked, in very natural colors as if not take anything.
  • Concealer: concealer
  • Prime: Prebase before makeup
  • Shimmer: bright
  • Swatches: displays of product, when we pass some shadow for example in our hand to mostar as it pigments.
  • Depotar: remove the shadows of source containers to make popsicle costumizadas
  • Guru: girl or boy that has a channel on youtube and upload videos with makeup tutorials.
  • Haul: Shopping
  • Review: Comments on the analysis and testing of the products. Review of products.
  • Waterproof: Water resistant.
  • Jumbo: Pencil thick very creamy texture which may well be of shadow, lip or multi-purpose serving for eyes, lips and cheeks.
  • Multiple: Rod of makeup used to make eyes, lips and cheeks.
  • Shadow: Shadow
  • Lipstick: Lips bar.
  • Lash (or lashes): Tabs. (False Lashes: false eyelashes)
  • Foundation: Makeup base.
  • Concealer: Corrector.
  • Gloss: Lip gloss (Glossy: bright)
  • Cleaner: Cleaner (Clean: clean, use)
  • Eyebrow: Eyebrow.
  • Nail Art: Art on nails, nail decoration. (Nails: nail)
  • Banana: is the area where the eyelid and the fixed, meet that curvita that sinks into the eyelid and that runs from roughly the area of the tear to the outer edge.
  • CI: stands for the English Court. Many girls abbreviated as well for not having to type the whole word in forums or blogs.
  • Wishlist: list of desired products.
  • Brush or brushes: brush or brushes.
  • Fix: fixed.
  • SPF: SPF.

E spero which like. Don’t forget to spend x my channel on Youtube if they have wanted to.


Summer Fashion For Pregnant Women: Bathing Suits, Dresses, Blouses And Shorts

Comfort and sensuality are two words that are frequently used during pregnancy, and less when we talk about your body in bikini, swimsuit bathroom or short dresses. For this reason, and just in time for the arrival of the summer, we have compiled this list of fashion for pregnant women and swimsuits for pregnant women, to make you feel comfortable and sexy in these hot days.

1. Pregnant bikini

Pregnancy curves do not usually take the calendars or covers of the magazines of swimwear, but same can look sexy with a bestaah maternity bikini.

While your tummy does not interfere with the normal bikinis, remember that belly is not the only thing that grows during pregnancy. A pregnant bikini gives you greater support in the chest, fits better to your hips, emphasizes your attributes, and gives you more freedom of movement while still being attractive.

2. Swimwear tankini style

The tankini is a solution between the bathroom one piece dress and bikini: is a swimsuit two parts in which top looks like a strapless Jersey and cover your belly, giving you coverage and easy at the same time. While it is quite demure, the styles are more versatile.

3. Maternity bathing suits stylized

Swimsuits for pregnant women tend to be larger, but it also opens the possibility of creating more styles, cuts and folds. Unlike swimsuits for girls of tiny bodies, the appeal of these pieces is their design and how to emphasize your status, what do not reveal.

4. Traditional one-piece styles

Maternity in one piece bathing suits are ideal for swimming in pregnancy and if you require mobility – perhaps play or run behind your children – without worrying that something is out of place. These styles are more traditional, though colors, thickness of the shoulder straps and chest cut makes them attractive.

5. Maternity summer dresses

Being pregnant during the summer brings certain challenges, how to keep you cool while your hormones and extra weight that you sofoques, and the change in the length of your traditional dresses with your tummy from through. Dresses for pregnant women in this section help you to deal with these problems to look and feel sexy.

6. Maternity shorts

Perhaps your last summer shorts zippers not already close, and the heat is too much for using your Maternity pants, but that doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to shorts sport with elastic waists. There are also shorts – similar to those of the women who are not pregnant – which combine style, comfort and enough space for your tummy.

7. Maternity spaghetti straps

The styles of blouses for pregnant women are as varied as the catwalks girls clothing – only that stretched a little more. Maternity clothing is no longer confined to giant tents and boring cutting in the form of “A”; Now we have set styles, bright colors, printed funny and innovative details.

Galaxy S7 Without Protruding Camera? Samsung Introduces Thinner Sensor

Be used with a thinner camera sensor in the Galaxy S7? Samsung has unveiled a new chip, which aims to ensure a high resolution of camera in very shallow mobile devices. It is a further development of the in-house ISOCELL sensors, a resolution of 16 MP to achieve.

The new camera sensor, S5K3P3 should be 20 percent thinner baptized, according to Samsung tomorrow than, for example, the edge in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy used chip, which leads to a protruding camera on the back of the Smartphone. While the image quality should not suffer but – and the camera lens could end expected to flush in the Galaxy S7 with the housing.

Galaxy S7 Without Protruding Camera Samsung Introduces Thinner Sensor

Smaller Pixels, Smaller Sensor

The new sensor is to be only 5 mm high; in this way, designers of mobile devices would have more freedom to design without that individual components of the camera from your Smartphone or Tablet stand out.

This is made possible by the reduction of the size of the pixel: this is still 1.12 square micrometer, the sensor of the Galaxy-S6 camera is great – a pixel in the new sensor just 1 square micrometer the so far smallest pixel size for sensors used in mobile devices. With the 2014 introduced ISOCELL technology, it had been possible to reduce the color overlays between individual pixels by 30 percent, to compensate for negative effects at the scattering of light due to shrinking pixel sizes.

Since Samsung has just unveiled the sensor, is it is unlikely that he already plus installed rated 5 or Galaxy S6 edge in the Galaxy, who are allegedly revealed on August 13. The usage in the Galaxy S7 is, however, quite possible, after all, mass production has already begun, as Samsung announced.