2014 Winter Olympics Medal Count

The 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Russia. The Russian resort of Sochi, located on the Black Sea, will be from February 7 t/m 21 feb 2014 Centre for the Olympic Winter Games. During the winter games, the Dutch of course all together very curious activities of Dutch athletes.During the Winter Olympics will also all Dutch Olympic medals are held here. The medal tallies showing daily how the Dutch performance compares against the world. In 2010, Canada was hosted by the winner of the medal count. Canada finished in the Medal tally for Germany and the United States.

Table medals provides daily insight into the results

The ten of winter Olympic Medal tally of all time

During both the summer Olympics and Winter Olympics times composed a medal standings. This ranking looks first at the number of gold medals. Then we look at the number of silver and bronze medals. The International Olympic Committee will make all official medal standings, but proposes a medal table available.
This medal count is updated to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

Winter Olympics 2010

The 2010 Winter Olympics was held in the Canadian city of Vancouver. During the 2010 Winter Olympics was at 86 parts struggle for Olympic medals. Eventually the host Canada managed to win the most Olympic medals in the hold. This made Canada the first country after the 1952 Winter Olympics, which won the medal standings. It was also Canada, won 14 gold medals, won the first country so many gold medals at a single Winter Olympics.
100: e-gold Netherlands
During the 2010 Winter Olympics made the Dutch snowboarder Nicolien Sauerbreij,, the 100th gold medal for the Netherlands to claim. This Medal was the 100th medal obtained by merging the operations of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Winter Games.
The hope was that this 100. Medal for a skater would go, but in the end knew snowboarders in Vancouver very surprising to capture the title.
The top three in the Medal tally the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010

2014 Winter Olympics medal count

Host country Russia has stated that it aims to get first place in the medal standings. The Russians achieved during the Olympic Winter Games is still in 11th place, but the good performance of Russian athletes during the summer Olympics in 2012 the Russians give extra confidence. The Russians have shown in 2012 now be invested by Russia in the sport and that Russian athletes also clearly on a mission.
During the Olympic Winter Games will take place on the Medal tally here daily.
Medal tally after 98 of 98 medal Parts
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