2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada

The pilot or pilot a bobsled not only responsible for their safety, but also that of the passengers on the bobsled. Right now there are doubts about the pilot if he or she can get the sled safe, a dangerous situation. That made for Calker decide not to start in the four-man bobsleigh. But what about the Calker not dare, dare Esme Kamphuis to do; drives the bobsleigh at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.


What Edwin did not have Esme. Confidence. With chilling calm she sent February 24, 2010, two-man bob at the women to a respectable eighth place. Especially when the pilot of the bobsleigh is enough confidence is important. Not too much, because then it goes wrong and become a pilot recklessness, but certainly not too much, because the fear is making a mistake. The latter nekte pilot Edwin van Calker and made him decide not to take responsibility for the other three bring back down. This decision had to accept the Netherlands because only he knew what was in his head. His teammates were there as chef de mission Henk Gemser understanding. Due to the crash that took Calker last year on this track which landed two of his teammates in the hospital and four hard drives in the two man bobsled during this tournament, had to conclude that Edwin’s decision, in addition to the tragic consequences of their teammates, may well have been the most sensible.

Bobsleigh Two-Man Women

It can go horribly wrong during the run met German women Martini and LOGEST. A hard crash also ensured that Remster LOGEST was thrown out of the sled and the sled behind aangleed down. Fortunately, the two women remained unharmed. Because of Esme Kamphuis and Tine Veenstra was that they moved to a respectable eighth place and hence could pick an Olympic diploma. They still could not compete with the world’s top was already known in advance. Still, one must conclude that the 1:33 seconds behind the number four, World Cup winner Kiriasis, really was not dramatic.
Medal Distribution Bob two-man women

5000 Meters Women Speed Skating

As mentioned beforehand feared, 5,000 meters was again a Dutch part. First, when a Dutch skater won the 5,000 meters. The first time 5000 meters on the program in 1988, and was also the first and last time that the Netherlands managed to pick up this point gold. Yvonne van Gennip defeated East German machine and made ​​history. Gretha Smit pulled out in 2002, a silver medal, but also the Netherlands is dry in this part. They could also Voorhuis and de Vries in the year does not change that. With the times that are far behind his personal record was, but we got to talk very disappointing performances. The battle for gold was a close race between Sablikova and Beckert, who Sablikova in the final ride with less than half a second better time Beckert.
Medal Distribution skating 5000 meters women
Location and times Dutch women

  • 10. For Jorien House 7.13,27
  • 11. Elma de Vries 7.16,68

Short Track Speed Skating Relay Women

After a disappointing semi-final for the Dutch women, so that they could fight for a medal, they recovered to close strongly by winning the B-final. That they would be finished in fifth place, it was not as essentially final, where the medals were distributed, the South Korean disqualified. And then climbed Jorien best Mother, Annita van Doorn, Sanne van Kerkhof and Maaike Vos eventually fourth.
Short track speed skating Medal Distribution redemption women .

Cross-Country Relay Male

In the four times ten km relay at the Nordic skiing went gold, certainly unexpected to Sweden. The Norwegians were after all the big favorites, but a poor run of Hjelmeset, created a backlog of about 30 seconds, which can still be reversed by Northug to a silver medal. With an incredible catch up race he kept the Czechs 0.6 seconds.
Medal Distribution Nordic skiing relay men.

Freestyle Antennas Women

Just get back to the brave or cowardly, who see the antennas on the freestyle usually ask if the participants are tired of life. Flips and other stunts on the giant height. Beautiful and spectacular to see, for sure. Australia, not winter country par excellence, was at the snowboarding halfpipe already grabbed a gold medal, and added one more with this discipline to it, confirms that, in Australia known as the X Games, is a good basis. Lydia La Silla second jump was crucial. A “triple backflip with screw” was too much for Chines Mengtao in his attempt to surpass the Australian fell on landing and had to settle for sixth place.
Medal Distribution Freestyle skiing aerials women.

Hockey Quarterfinals Men

In men hockey was time for the quarterfinals. Canada the day before Germany still had a decent spanking, already allocated in the first period with Russia, through this period to finish with a 4-1 lead. USA and Finland felt only in the last period to determine the match after two scoreless periods. Sweden, the reigning Olympic champion, was very surprisingly eliminated.
Results playoffs hockey men
without medals have brought in, the Dutch team fell to eleventh place in the preliminary medal match.

Medal Match After Day 12