15 Great Fishing Tips

I discussed some great fishing tips so that you mejoréis in your role as fisherman. They are not tricks or techniques specific or targeted to a specific fishing mode, only recommendations that aims to lead to reflection to both fishermen who start, as those who already have long been launching the decoy.


15 tips to help improve as a fisherman

Possibly you could write a book with 2,000 more, but here you have 15:

1. Find a good teacher

You are looking for good fishing masters, you will learn more effectively.

2. You only focus on technique

Test the sea, reservoir, River, fishing, boat fishing,… you enrich little by little as a fisherman. There will possibly be a technique that you like more, but have to be off-road albeit sporadic mode since it will open you mind on how to react to unforeseen situations.

3. Practice responsible fishing

Respects the environment, the measures, the vedas,… in short, practice responsible fisheries. Otherwise, in addition to commit illegalities put at the height of the shoe to the rest of fishermen who do meet the standards.

4. Do not make malpractices

SED cautious in places you may not know well because they could get tides rises, sea, eddies in rivers,… place misfortunes in fishing also boldness and lack of prudence.

5. Practice fishing with constancy

Essential to be good fisherman Council: often go to the sea, reservoir or river. Only experience and constancy are forming to the fisherman.

6. Get proper equipment

Acquire a good equipment and Accessories specific to fish because more efficiency will be achieved.

7. The lures are key in the fishing

Attaching lures that really cheat and select those that are most appropriate to each species and season.

8. Go to fish in the company

First, for safety and second, will always be more distracted.

9. Enjoy fishing no catches

Take the fishing as a sport and distraction because not everything is back with a large number of screenshots! The important or satisfactory is to really enjoy the impressive nature that opens to the fisherman in his outings. If no bites, another day will be!

10. The fishing is not an exact science

Don’t become obsessed with the factors that are considered to be favourable as tides, night, day, moon… I recommend to go fishing when possible, since not everyone can go exactly when he is the best time for fishing. There are days best and worst in any circumstance!
Don’t believe all what they say on catches. We are fishermen ūüėČ

11. Do not antepongas fishing to your family or your partner.

Must know how to combine or supplement the worlds, if you become obsessed with fishing and you don’t know well negotiate and share time with your loved ones, the matter may end badly!

12. Knowledge and experience the fisherman does not the equipment

Fishing is essentially and primarily of know well how to fish: where should I launch?, where is the fish?, is the best time? Good material support (and much), but by itself not fishing, the angler’s expertise is always decisive.

13. Enjoy the fishing talks

Do not believe everything that tell about the catches, there is much exaggerated. Just enjoy it.

14. Large catches take your time

Behind every good photo with a great shot you see on the Internet or in magazines, there may be many days of vacuum. Biggest smile of the fisherman, more time and days will have struggled you to get that piece!

15. Tomato time with bait

The good presentation of the bait is essential: freshness, form anzuelarlo, tricks… can throw our bait fishing not nothing and a side be taking parts without stopping because it offered a more attractive the fish bite.