10 Tips to Go from Bike to Work

The landscape of Avenida Paulista, one of the most famous and important roads in São Paulo, will change in 2015: the central site will be divided by a bicycle path. This shows how bicycles are gaining importance, at least in the largest city in the country. The argument of the city of São Paulo is that the more bicycles in the streets, the less traffic in the city and the shorter the time of people’s movements.
Today, according to data from the Institute of Economic and Applied Research (IPEA), professionals living in metropolitan areas spend, on average, 41 minutes to go from home to work. Too much time in traffic leaves employees unproductive and stressed. And companies know.
That’s why initiatives such as the Bike in the Firm project, which advises companies that want to encourage the use of bicycles, have had visibility. Taking the bike to work means having more time, more money, more health and more productivity. That is, to have more quality of life.
Read the following ten facts that you need to take into account if you want to use the bike.

  1. Mirror, horn and lighting are required by law.Helmet not, but it is recommended.
  2. Sweating is not mandatory.Go at a low, steady pace and wear light clothing – better if it’s cotton. If it is very hot and your office does not have a shower, it is good to leave a nécessaire with moistened and deodorant in the drawer of your desk.
  3. You can fold the bike.The folding bike is a good option for those who do not have a bike rack in the company and need to keep it in an office corner.Just be careful because this model only works well for those who pedal distances of at most 10 km, at low speed.
  4. You can suffer less with ascents and descents.Just use the electric bike, which makes the pedal lighter.The problem is that the models sold in Brazil are still expensive and the batteries have a short life.
  5. Maintenance is important.Try to maintain it every two months to keep the bike longer.Avoid wetting the bike and walking up and down sidewalks, this shortens the bike’s useful life.
  6. Best to avoid heavy traffic.Busy avenues or high-speed routes are too dangerous for a rider.
  7. Give a clairvoyant.Anticipate the movements of drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists to avoid crashing.And let people predict what you’re going to do: you can signal with your hands if you need to make a complicated turn.
  8. You may suffer bullying from colleagues.There are still people who think that preferring a bike to a car is crazy-or something that does not have money in the bank to buy a vehicle.Do not shudder.
  9. Baggage is better than backpack.Carrying something on your back while pedaling is uncomfortable and can knead your clothing.Better put your belongings in a saddlebag or basket
  10. Pedaling decreases stress.When riding a bicycle, blood is better pumped to the brain and there is release of endorphin, a neurotransmitter also known as pleasure hormone.