10 Infallible Tricks to Keep Your Favorite Shoes

It does not matter if you are male or female. When you buy tight shoes, your poor feet always suffer. As it happens the same with us of the Incredible.club, we indicate some solutions that can minimize or even to end the problem.Now, you can parade with your new shoes as if they were tailor-made!

1. Classic dressings

It is the best known method. The dressings help to prevent the appearance of lacerations in the skin, due to friction with the shoe. Of course, the adhesive should be larger than the area of ​​friction to prevent it from peeling.

2. Talc

Talc helps to improve the friction between the skin and the shoe.Be sure to put on the shoe soon after applying the product.If you are not wearing socks, dry your feet thoroughly before applying talcum powder.

3. Thick socks and heat

The heat expands the material from which the shoe is made, leaving the piece more pliable. Wear heavy socks and shoes. Then warm it up with the help of a hair dryer. Walk for a few minutes and repeat the process if necessary.

4. Roll-on or bar deodorizer

The lateral bones of the feet, the heel and the fingers are the areas most affected by the rubbing of the shoes.Apply a little deodorant roll-on on them to eliminate friction of the shoe with the skin.

5. Silicone Protectors

You can find these protectors in pharmacies or orthopedic stores.They are sold in several formats, for gluing or embedding.Thus, you can adapt them to the area where the shoe hurts.

6. Ice

Put a bag of water inside your shoes and take them to the freezer. Leave them there for a whole night. The shoes will be widened as the water freezes. Of course, watch out for a bag that will not let the water leak.

7. Alcohol and paper

Rub alcohol into the shoe and, when the shoes are wet, fill it with as much paper as possible, filling it completely.Let it go all night.Remove the paper and put on your shoes, so they will get the shape of your feet.

8. Moisturizing cream

This technique is perfect for leather shoes.Apply moisturizing cream on the inside of your footwear and fill it fully with as much old fabric as you can.The cream will cause the pieces of fabric to slide into the shoe, widening them.

9. Potatoes

A trick to make the new sneakers more comfortable.Push a clean potato into the shoes and leave it there all night.Potatoes do not smell, but it is good to wipe a damp cloth inside the sneakers when you remove it, if there is any piece left.

10. Shoemaker

It may be the most reliable option. Most of them have specialized devices for shaping shoes, preventing them from injuring their feet. Using one of these professionals, you will be sure to walk your new shoes with a big smile on your face.