Rumor: $ 520 for the Huawei Mate 8 GB/32 GB and $ 610 for That 4 GB/64GB

There are still just over 20 days to the presentation of the new Huawei Mate 8, the new and highly anticipated top-of-the-House Chinese, but then begin to emerge the first rumor about the price.

As has become customary, it seems that even Mate 8 will come with two configurations, differentiated on the basis of the quantity of RAM and storage. Specifically, we are talking about a basic variant with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, coupled with a variant with 4 GB of RAM and 64 gigs of internal memory, the latter seen in recent benchmarks. Continue reading

LG Dubbed “Brand of the Year” at the Red Dot Award

LG Electronics has been dubbed “Brand of the Year” at the Red Dot Award, one of the most important global awards in the design industry. With this recognition LG joins other prestigious brands such as PepsiCo, Audi AG and Mercedes-Benz, which were awarded in previous years. In addition, LG is the third company to be appointed over the years is Brand of the Year is Design Team of the Year, an award won in 2006.

The title “Brand of the Year” has been awarded to LG for 13 prizes won in the Red Dot Award in the category Communication Design in the year. The awards include the smartphone LG G4 and smartwatch LG Urban Watch, both rewarded because of the design of their interfaces that shall pay particular attention to the needs of the user, placing it at the heart of user experience. Continue reading

The Kirin Huawei Passes over 950 GeekBench 3 and View All Its Power

If we use a terminology proper to the world of videogames could be called Kirin 950 as the first SoC for smartphones, thanks to nextgen to be presented debut set for late November to Huawei Mate 8.

As we have seen repeatedly in the past, one of the main innovations that will be introduced by Kirin 950 adoption of powerful core Cortex-A72, able to significantly raise the performance of the already excellent Cortex-A57 available today. But how much is this difference? To advise us it is one of the first benchmark of Huawei NXT-AL10, already identified as Mate 8, which allow us to have an idea of the scores that Kirin 950 is able to accomplish. Continue reading

Nexus 5 x

And here we are. With a little later than the American Marketing, since a few days we are using a Nexus 5 x UK that we purchased at € 299.00, list price same as Italian. This is the real successor of Nexus 5 released in 2013 and a product able to convince in many aspects and to please all lovers of experience Nexus. Find out the full review:

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

Nexus 5 x is based on the Snapdragon platform 808, one of the most interesting of the year processors because it is able to provide high performance, 64-bit architecture and a set of characteristics that made it one of the smarter choices on some top 2015 range. To help this CPU is a GPU Adreno 418, powerful and capable of running any games or graphics application with no real problems. The RAM to 2 GB and is unfortunately stops LPDDR3 because the S808 does not support DDR4 used instead on Nexus 6 p. Continue reading

Zuk also Z1 Limited with back Cover in Oak (One in China)

The Zuk Z1, the first smartphone of the new brand of Lenovo in partnership with Elephone, was a little Chinese revelation of the year. Great components, cheap price and an OS signedCyanogen by promising to update quickly (it is already being developed the Marshmallow based firmware, for example). All at a price that is hard to resist, 300 € from Amazon Italy.

The device seems interesting but that banal plastic back cover does not convince you at all? Today you have less reason to resist: a version of Z1 with wooden back cover, a choice that has generated much excitement on Smartphones of the past like Moto X and OnePlus One. In this case, instead of the usual bamboo, you chose the oak wood, no less, that according to the official statement coming from the United States. The company said also didn’t apply any colored paint, in order to preserve as much as possible the original shades. Continue reading

Nexus 6 p Against Lighters, Cutters and Bend Test

The bendgate issue of Nexus 6 p is still open and the video below, made by the same author who has “triggered” the case demonstrates again how “easy” to fold the new Nexus of Huawei. This situation is quite unusual in that the test had been refuted by other youtube but apparently the Nexus that Captain into the hands of JerryRigEverything bend like butter.

After the video was posted yesterday and it has been around the web, in the last hours were done more testing and apparently the Nexus 6 p does not bend and has no problem bend gate. The evidence can be found below: Continue reading

Android 6.0 Release Expected within Four Weeks to Honor: 7 | AGG. Beta from early December

Through a post on Facebook, the team Honor confirmed test booting Android beta 6.0 Marshmallow to Honor 7, starting from early December.

You like Marshmallows? Us too! 7 honor users will have the opportunity to test the beta version of the latest release of Android on their device from the beginning of December. More information on how to participate in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Kantar September 2015: Huawei Gaining Ground in Europe

Arriving as usual data Kantar on sales of smartphones in the main world markets, updated estimates in late September, and then for the three previous months that coincide with the third quarter of the year. There are no major upheavals, however you are confirmed already anticipated trends in Europe, with Huawei capable of achieving second place among the Android brand (he was sixth in 2014) at the expense of Sony, HTC and Motorola.

In the United Kingdom is iOS to make itself heard through a record growth for the period, sales of iPhones have touched here the 38.3% versus 30.5% last year. Points almost entirely gnawed to Android (now at 51.4%) and Windows Mobile that keeps levels of the 10% threshold being attached to 2014. In the UK the only brand Android into positive ground are Samsung and LG, the first is the leader with 53% and the second has grown from 6 to 9%. Continue reading

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, Exudes a New Photo and Likely Launch on November 7

Already a few months has passed from the first rumor on the new smartband of Xiaomi, Mi Band 1S. One must go back to the beginning of July of this year to find images and some technical information, in particular the inclusion of the heartbeat sensor, derived from certification at the taiwanese NCC.

Usually, it is a short step from certification to market, but we have already seen in the past that with Xiaomi is not a fixed rule. It happened to this Mi Band 1S, disappeared completely until a few hours ago when the famous Chinese blog Mydrivers had appeared the photos you see in the opening accompanied by alleged a presentation date, next Saturday, 7 November. Continue reading

HTC: Net Sales of October Shows Signs of Recovery

HTC today announced data on turnover recorded in October, equivalent to 8.95 billion Taiwanese dollars, or about 276 million us dollars at the Exchange. The figure, compared with what transpired over the past four months, results in a positive sign, since revenue is back to grow after a difficult summer, surpassing the values recorded in the months of June, July, August and September 2015.

At the same time, the taiwanese manufacturer announced the total turnover of the period from January to October 2015 2015, amounting to 104.88 billion Taiwanese dollars, or about 3.24 billion u.s. dollars. No mention yet of gains and losses, to determine which you will need to wait for the closing of the current fiscal quarter (in late December), and the data on an annual basis is still negative, but the trend positive again on a monthly basis with regard to the turnover. Continue reading

Motorola Will Inaugurate on Saturday Its First Retail Store in Chicago, Complete with Motorcycle Maker Area

We haven’t even finished speaking of Google’s non-retail store in New York, and here comes Motorola to announce that it will open one them. And no mention of plans outlined in a remote future: the first opening will take place this Saturday, November 7, while the official party will take place on Saturday after November 14 ,.

Of course Motorola has the same availability of giants like Microsoft and Apple, so will start relatively small: the first store will be located at the company’s Chicago hometown, specifically the number 108 of N State Street. Continue reading